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Made in Belgium

There’s no place like Belgium when it comes to merging state-of-the-art technology with eye-catching design. [laud] is the brainchild of two Belgian companies based in West Flanders, a region famous for its innovative tech companies. Our designer, Alain Monnens, teamed up with the talented designers and engineers at pilipili to create an exciting product range for the shared spaces of the future. Manufactured 100% locally, our acoustic solutions bring affordable comfort and calm to your office with an unmistakeable dash of Belgian style.

Tranquillity sparks brilliance

Noisy offices are a major cause of stress. According to the independent Leesman Review, a massive 85% of workers have difficulty concentrating in their working environment. And that’s frustrating, because a few simple, affordable changes can work wonders for the health of your entire team. We believe the work-life balance starts at work. We take away the stress and disruption of cacophony in the office and give you the tranquillity you need to get the real work done. Create acoustic screens between workstations and breakout spaces. Reduce reverberation in meeting rooms so you can concentrate on what everyone is saying. Calm spaces help teams concentrate together: we connect by dividing.


Calm down your interior

Just five panels are all it takes to calm down your building. Experience modularity in its purest form: combinations of these five modular shapes offer solutions for any workplace or application. Mix and match them. Double them up to create smooth, minimalist capsules. Overlap and flip them to add texture and depth. Fix them to your walls or ceilings to absorb sound and help you hear yourself think. Or why not use them as desk dividers for individual privacy? Just a handful of ingenious connectors enable you to install these lightweight panels wherever you want, quickly and simply. Create a pleasant visual environment with optimal acoustic comfort. Personalise the office with playful wall designs. Redesign the workplace with free-standing panels that add softness and warmth. And when your needs change, reconfigure your panels in an instant.

Innovative technology meets affordable quality

[laud] uses innovative technology to bring you a precision product with an impeccable finish. Our industrial processes offer the ultimate in consistent quality for an affordable price. As lightweight and soft to the touch as our panels are, they are incredibly strong, guaranteeing you years of acoustic comfort combined with sleek, minimalist looks.


The ideal combination

The Series One is made of two recycled materials in an ideal combination for perfect acoustic absorption. Thousands of tiny cavities in the panel’s core trap sound waves and prevent them from bouncing back into the room. And the sturdy, heat-moulded felt casing is incredibly light and soft to the touch.  Our panels are 60% recyclable and contain no formaldehyde, so you don’t have to worry about noxious fumes poisoning your workplace. That’s great news for you and everyone who shares your space.

Sparked your interest?

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